Finsbury Park


The mural at Finsbury Park  (Tom Eckersley) is a nod to the fact that dueling used to take place in the area.  It is unlikely that the duelling took place in Finsbury Park itself


At Finsbury Park the Victoria line offers the first of its 5 cross-platform interchanges.  Both the northbound and southbound lines are built alongside the Piccadilly line and offer an easy place to change between lines.

The tube platforms (originally the terminus of the Piccadilly line and another railway) are shallow at this point and neither lift nor escalator is needed to reach the surface.  There is also an interchange with the National Rail lines heading out of Kings Cross at this point too.

A Victorian Park

Opened in 1869, Finsbury Park was one of the first of the great London parks laid out in the Victorian Era.







A Pub

Faltering Fullback (Perth Street)


The Faltering Fullback pub is located in Perth Street just around the corner from the station.  Nominally an Irish bar. It is a wonderful place divided into several sections.


There is an atmospheric main bar full of bric-a-brac, a large room with a large screen TV but best of all a unique “vertical garden” stretching over 3 floors with lots of little nooks and crannies.


SOUTHBOUND to Highbury & Islington

NORTHBOUND to Seven Sisters