2007 – France – “T5 to Lyon”

The opening of Terminal 5 and a trip to France

In 2007 Terminal 5 at Heathrow opened to great fanfare. The first few days were chaotic but T5 soon became a success. On the second weekend it was open we booked a flight through the new terminal. The destination of our journey was Lyon in France. We flew with British Airways.

June 2008 11144

Lyon 083

Lyon 086

We spent a few days in Lyon touring the centre. The city is supposed to be the culinary capital of France and we were certainly not disappointed with the food.

Lyon 092

Lyon 091

Lyon 059

Lyon 050

Lyon 048

Lyon 055

Lyon 051

Lyon 052

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Lyon 054

Lyon 027

Lyon is also known for its hilly setting and for the many “secret” passageways that crisscross the upper town.

Lyon 071

Lyon 070

Lyon 060

Lyon 042