2014 – Iceland – “Blue Lagoon”

A quick stopover

Harbour Locomotive / Andrew Bowden / Creative Commons 2.0

We visited Iceland in 2014 on the way back from our Trans-Atlantic trip on the QM2.

We flew in on Iceland Air and made a 24 hour stopover.

Montauk 011
All Icelandair Aircraft are named after volcanoes.  This one after the famous one that caused chaos when it erupted.


Iceland Air certainly has an interesting network and it uses its location between North America and Europe to its advantage.

Montauk 010


We arrived late at night and spent a night at a hotel near Keflavik airport.

Painting on Hotel Wall
Downtown Keflavik

The next morning we enjoyed a wonderful 3 hours relaxing in one of the main attractions of the area, the giant Blue Lagoon thermal spa, before returning to the airport.  The Blue Lagoon is the largest outdoor thermal pool I have ever been in and it is very much recommended.

Blue lagoon



Sadly for me Iceland has no railways.

In the early twentieth century (1913-28) there was a narrow gauge harbour railway used in the construction of the breakwaters for the port of Reykjavik A locomotive remains on display in the city.

There are plans to build an airport rail link between the Keflavik Airport and the capital Reykjavik about 30 miles away.  There are also plans to build a light rail system in the capital itself.

The little bit of Iceland that we saw impressed us both a lot. We will certainly try to go back. Hopefully they may have the railway complete by then.