Adelaide and Port Augusta

Sunday, June 7th 1987

On Sunday morning we were pleased to find out that it was 20 degrees and the forecast was for sun all day. The four of us walked a little bit around Adelaide’s wide streets and then headed off on the Glenelg tram. It was actually more like a train and ran on separated track most of the 25 minute journey to Glenelg. It was aincent but very quaint. We looked around the beach suburb of Glenelg, got a few pasties and got another tram straight back.


We visited the Square Festival Centre, the park grounds and the South Australian museum. We had a walk along the North terrace and had dinner at a Hungry Jacks.

Over dinner we discussed our next plan. After a lot of discussion we decided to continue together to Ayers Rock but opted to take a slightly longer route and make more stops than Mark had first intended. We would also adjust the pricing schedule and Didier and I would share the back of the Ute.

In the evening we played Monopoly and Didier managed to bankrupt Mark.


Monday, June 8th 1987

Monday was the Queen’s Birthday and it was the first time I had ever had a bank holiday to mark the occasion.

It was a lovely sunny day and it was my turn to sit in the back. We left Adelaide and headed into the beautiful Barossa Valley, one of the main centres of Australia’s wine industry.


We had a lunch stop of Chicken and Chips in Claire, stopped briefly at a vineyard and then carried on to Augusta. I fell asleep on the way and when I woke up I found we have already booked into a campsite on the western outskirts of the town.

Tony and Mark had negotiated us a decent on-site cabin. It was now Tony’s turn to sleep and the three of us left him in the cabin and headed to the pub at 6pm for a fix of Coopers or two. We arrived back at 11pm a little worse for wear.

Into the Outback