The mural at Pimlico (Peter Sedley) is represents the kind of modern art that used to be found at the nearby Tate Gallery, before the opening of the Tate Modern further east along the Thames.


Pimlico was the last station on the Victoria line to open and it is unique in being the only stop not to be an interchange with another underground or national rail line.


The station has not been modified as much as others on the line and still retains some of its original back lit fluorescent station name signs. They still look modern and attractive today.


A Victorian Gallery

The Tate Gallery, close by, was founded in 1897 as the National Gallery of British Art and at the time of opening featured mainly contemporary (i.e. Victorian) art.   The building stands on the site of the former Millbank Prison.



The institution changed its name in 1932 in honour of its main benefactor: sugar magnate Henry Tate.



The Tate collection now covers four galleries around the UK, but the original building has been given over to British art from 1500 to the present day and is known as the Tate Britain.

A Pub

Morpeth Arms (Millbank)

The pub features a live monitor showing the former cell in the basement (a connection to the former Millbank Prison).  It sits opposite MI6 and there is a spy-themed bar upstairs.




SOUTHBOUND to Vauxhall

NORTHBOUND to Victoria