Green Park


The mural at Green Park  (Hans Unger) is an abstract design of trees from the park itself.  The station has an exit directly into the park.


The Victoria line has connections with the Piccadilly and Jubilee lines at Green Park – although neither enjoy cross-platform interchange.

A Victorian Mansion

Just a short walk from Green Park Station is Bridgewater House one of the most significant residential buildings of Victorian London.  It was built in 1854 for the Duke of Bridgewater.  Although in its time it has served as a cooperate headquarters, it is back in private ownership and used as a residence again today.




At the south side of Green Park, just in front of Buckingham palace, stands the Victoria Memorial.  It pays homage to the great Queen. The Victoria line is almost directly below at this point.

Proximity to Buckingham Palace (Opening day guide)



A Pub

Red Lion (Duke of York Street)

This is not the closest pub to Green Park station, nor is it even the closest pub called the Red Lion, but it is worth a little walk.  It is a wonderful old Victorian pub (a former gin palace) and retains all its original features including etched-glass panelling.



SOUTHBOUND to Victoria

NORTHBOUND to Oxford Circus