1994 – India – “Honeymoon of Steam”

An Indian Rail Pass

I had intended to visit India and tour the rail system using an Indian Rail Pass for quite a long time.

Finally on leaving Japan in 1994 I got my big chance.   India was a perfect stopping off point on the way home to Britain.

Our plan was to travel out to Bangkok to see my Thai friend  and then travel on to India.  At the end of our trip we would fly back to the UK to begin our new life together there.

An added attraction for me was that in 1994 India still had a few operational steam locomotives operating on passenger services.

As we had just got married on December 25th 1993 this journey could effectively be called our honeymoon. However, I don’t think my wife always remembers it quite as fondly as I do.

The journey is broken down into eight sub-journeys and they run consecutively –

Arrival into Delhi

Shatabdi Express to Agra

Varanasi Express

Pink City Express to Jaipur

Chetak Express to Udiapur

On to Mumbai

Rajdhani Express

Leaving Delhi